Villainous Vultures
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Robert, 4th
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Jo, 2nd
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Noah, 20th
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Dakota, 19th

The Villainous Vultures are a team on Total Drama All Stars Do Over. Their team color is red and their mascot is a vulture head peering downwards angrily. The team was formed in Heroes Vs. Villains - Part 1 and consisted of Leshawna, Heather, Jo, Dakota, Mel, Duncan, Shin, Robert, Alejandro, and Noah. The team captain is being passed around. Jo, Heather, and Dakota argued it often. The team was disbanded in You Regatta Be Kidding Me. The villains at the time of the disbanding were Heather, Jo, Leshawna, Duncan, and Robert.

Other Teams in Total Drama Action Do Over

Villainous Vultures teammates
Alejandro | Dakota | Duncan | Heather | Jo | Leshawna | Mel | Noah | Robert | Shin

Alejandro is a villain because... he antagonized the first season by manipulating people. He hedged numerous eliminations and drove Zoey to insanity, made Nathaniel lose his reputation, and even bullied Mike for his disorder. Alejandro used many girls to get his way, such as Beth, Bridgette, Heather, Zoey, Sadie, Katie, and Dakota.
Dakota was a villain because... she put herself before others in Total Drama Island Do Over just for fame and stardom. She even killed one of her own paparazzi members accidentally in Who Can You Trust?... it was never brought up again. She was the hostess halfway through Total Drama World Tour Do Over and was tyrannical and bias.
Duncan is a villain because... 
Heather is a villain because... 
Jo is a villain because... 
Leshawna is a villain because... 
Mel is a villain because... she entered the game and tore apart a relationship between Courtney and Duncan. She stepped on many people's fingers to do so. Even after she won Duncan over, she continued being a bully to Courtney and eliminated her new boyfriend.
Robert is a villain because... 
Shin is a villain because... he had made an alliance with Chef in 3:10 To Crazytown through The Princess Pride in TDADO. In TDWTDO, Shin had acted rude towards his team, Team Athens, still bitter over the events of TDADO.
Noah was a villain because... he could possibly be tied with the destruction of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet that fell apart in Planes, Trains, And Hot Air Mobiles. He also is generally a snarky and pessimistic person.

Campers Eliminated

Name Gender Rank team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Noah Male 10th 20th Heroes Vs. Villains - Part 2 Noah was generally disliked by a lot of people on his team. Heather, Dakota, Mel, Duncan, and Alejandro all despised him. They voted him off, even though it wasn't the best idea.
Dakota Female 9th 19th Evil Dread Dakota flirted with Alejandro in hopes of gaining a fanbase who shipped them. "Alekota". This angered Heather, who clashed with her out of jealousy. Alejandro blindsided her just to see if Heather cared for him.
Shin Male 8th 17th Can I Get A Rescue To Go, Please? Shin and Leshawna were considered the most heroic villains on the team. They'd be threats after the merge, as claimed by Heather, Jo, and Alejandro. Shin accidentally betrayed the villains and won the challenge for the heroes.
Mel Female 7th 13th Suckers Punched Mel cheated on Duncan, and then cheated on Alejandro an episode later. It was unforgivable.
Alejandro Male 6th 10th My Dinner With Chef The Heroic Hamsters got to choose the loser. Abigail saved Robert. Bridgette saved Leshawna. Harold saved Jo, and Mal saved Duncan. Nobody wanted Alejandro.
Heather Female 5th 8th Photo Finished Heather attempted to frame Mal, but had the tables turned on her. She's also very disliked by her fellow competitors, and Jo and Leshawna valued their friendships over their alliance's safety.
Villainous Vultures teammates
Alejandro | Dakota | Duncan | Heather | Jo | Leshawna | Mel | Noah | Robert | Shin
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