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    And now a Total Drama video from home for Abigail...

    (Abigail's mom, grandma, and two older sisters are sitting on the couch in a decent living room.) Mom: Abigail, we are so proud of you! You're finally showing you have the capability to work towards a

    goal that doesn't involve goofing off.

    Grandma: I knew you would win this, Abby cat! You're a special girl who can kick butt! Sister 1: (bored) "Special" is one way to put it. Sister 2: (is reading, laughs) Clever, Jessica. Mom: Well, just remember to pay attention and win the game. Grandma: And be yourself. Bring home the bacon! (To Mom) Amy, could we have some bacon? I am starving! Mom: ...yeaaaaah. Good luck, Abigail! Sister 2: You're gonna need it! (Mom gives disapproving look, Jessica …

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