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    Hello! I'm currently a little bored and trying to catch up on the fanfiction, but I'm really excited for TDASDO! I thought I'd just write down what I want to happen this season. (Also, sorry if I randomly make up things that might not make sense. Like if I say that two people have a conflict yet are actually friends in this version. I wouldn't know since I'm still reading the first season.)

    Heroic Hamsters: Zoey, Mike, B, Sierra, Abigail, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, Brick and Harold

    Villainous Vultures: Heather, Alejandro, Robert, Shin, Duncan, Dakota, Leshawna, Mel and Jo

    20. Robert - The Villains are the first to lose due to Robert and Dakota refusing to jump. Dakota convinces her team to vote off Robert because he was being lazy and convinc…

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