Treasure Island Of Dr. McClean
Season 5, Episode 16
Treasure Island Of Dr. McClean
Internet Release January 12th, 2014
Challenge To find the buried treasure chest with the first place prize.
Reward(s) TBA
Winner(s) Mutant Maggots
Eliminated Constance
Episode guide
"Nothing To Sea"
"Trivial Matters"

The cast searches for treasures buried somewhere on the island in three separate locations.

The first team splits into three seperate groups. A admirer admits their crush to their love interest. Someone discovers another teammate's secret. A strategist finds a new rival.

The second team splits into three seperate groups. Two teammates work together to better one another. A slight attraction begins. A shipper strives to better the relationship between a potential couple. A "mastermind" conspires with their "minion".

The third team splits into three seperate groups. One teammate spends the day with a different team. A superhero botches things up and loses the challenge, but is spared when a genius orchestrates the team leader's elimination.


Actor Role
Christian Potenza Chris
Clé Bennett Chef/Leonard
Bryn McAuley Sammy
Anastasia Phillips Cheyenne
Samuel Vincent Coby
Kyla Pratt Constance
Troy Baker Colton
Hynden Walch Giselle
Terry McGurrin Harrison
Greg Cipes Jack
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Bruce Dow Max
Stacey DePass Nicole
Kristi Friday Scarlett
Steven Yeun Tanner
Christopher Jacot Topher
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