Total Drama World Tour Do Over


Total Drama Series
Reality TV/Comedy/Drama/Musical
Television channel
The Internet
First Premiered
August 31, 2013
Created by
CoGreen2.0 and MightyMewtron
Credit To...
With Help From...
Mighty Mewtron and the Gurls
Preceded by
Succeeded by


twenty six previous contestants and two newcomers compete in challenges all around the world. However, this season, when Chris rings a bell, the contestants must break into song. If they don't, they are automatically eliminated. By the rules, contestants must sing once in each episode, and Chris may call a "reprise" of the song. Traveling around on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, the cast participates in new challenges in various countries on six continents with all new drama and challenges awaiting them. Split into four separate teams after the first challenge, the teams work to achieve immunity, as well as first-class to their next destination. The losing team is then forced to attend a ceremony, where one member is forced to take the Drop of Shame from the plane to wherever they land. The lucky contestant who outlasts the rest of the contestants wins $1,000,000.



See: List of Total Drama Do Over Episodes
Total Drama World Tour Do Over episodes
Episode Link
1 Just Plane Crazy
2 Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1
3 Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2
4 Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan
5 Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better
6 Broadway Baby
7 The Aftermath VI
8 Slap Slap Revolution
9 The Am-AH-Zon Race
10 Can't Help Falling In Louvre
11 Loch Where You're Going
12 Jamaica Me Sweat
13 The Aftermath VII
14 I See London...
15 This Is Chris-O-Ween
16 Greece's Pieces
17 The Ex-Files
18 Didney Wurl
19 Picnic At The Hanging Dork
20 The Aftermath VIII
21 Sweden Sour
22 Is This Rio Life?
23 Russian Away
24 Niagara Brawls
25 Chinese Fake-Out
26 The Aftermath IX
27 African Lying Safari
28 N.A.S.A. Nots
29 Rapa Phooey!
30 Awwww, Drumheller
31 Planes, Trains, And Hot Air Mobiles
32 Be More Pacific
33 The Aftermath X
34 Hawaiian Punch
35 Back To Drama


This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

See: Total Drama World Tour Do Over Elimination Table
Participant Team Status Placing
Dakota None Returns in Loch Where You're Going
1st Eliminated in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1
Cody Team Pickle 2nd Voted out
in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2
29th Place Non-Merged
Shin Team Athens 3rd Voted out
in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan
28th Place
Heather Team Gloom N Doom 4th Voted out
in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better
27th Place
Justin Team Yoloswag 5th Voted out
in Broadway Baby
26th Place
Sam Team Athens 6th Voted out
in Slap Slap Revolution
25th Place
Leshawna Team Gloom N Doom 7th Voted out
in The Am-AH-Zon Race
24th Place
Geoff Team Gloom N Doom 8th Voted out
in Can't Help Falling In Louvre
23rd Place
Abigail Team Gloom N Doom 9th Quit
in Loch Where You're Going
22nd Place
Duncan Team Athens 10th Voted out
in Jamaica Me Sweat
21st Place
Dj Team Athens 11th Eliminated
in I See London...
20th Place
Owen Team Pickle 12th Voted out
in Greece's Pieces
19th Place
Charlotte Team Athens 13th Voted out
in The Ex-Files
18th Place
Gwen Team Athens 14th Quit
in The Ex-Files
17th Place
Cameron Team Yoloswag 15th Voted out
in Didney Wurl
16th Place
Jo Team Yoloswag 16th Voted out
in Picnic At The Hanging Dork
15th Place
Alejandro Team Gloom N Doom Debuted in I See London...
12th Voted out
in Sweden Sour
14th Place
Lindsay Team Yoloswag 18th Voted out
in Is This Rio Life?
13th Place


Brick Team Yoloswag 19th Eliminated
in Russian Away
12th Place
Trent None Debuted in Is This Rio Life?
20th Voted out
in Niagara Brawls
11th Place
Sadie Team Yoloswag 21st Voted out
in Niagara Brawls
10th Place
Dawn Team Pickle 22nd Voted out
in Chinese Fake-Out
9th Place
Noah Team Gloom N Doom 23rd Cheated out
in African Lying Safari
8th Place
Izzy Team Pickle 24th Voted out
in N.A.S.A. Nots
7th Place
Nathaniel Team Gloom N Doom 25th Eliminated
in Rapa Phooey!
6th Place
Lightning Team Pickle 26th Eliminated
in Planes, Trains, And Hot Air Mobiles
5th Place
Mel Team Athens 27th Voted out
in Be More Pacific
4th Place
Beth Team Pickle 28th Eliminated
in Hawaiian Punch
3rd Place
Courtney Team Yoloswag

Runner-up in Hawaiian Punch

Scott Team Gloom N Doom

Winner in Hawaiian Punch


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