Total Drama Aftermath is a talk show segment that was broadcast during the progression of Total Drama Action Do Over, Total Drama World Tour Do Over and Total Drama Revenge Do Over. The set on which this show takes place appears at the end of the Total Drama Action, Wowonokwo Studios in TDADO and TDRDO, and the S.S. Aftermath in TDWTDO, where Cody and Sierra sit on a couch. The show is separate from the competition and takes place in a large room full of fancy furniture with a large plasma screen television. The show stars two hosts in Total Drama Action, as they interview the contestants who have been eliminated. The hosts interview the contestant about their experiences on the show and how they feel about their current position. The non-competing contestants also appear on the show, in the Peanut Gallery, where they comment on the show as well. With each episode, the eliminated contestants who were interviewed last time join the peanut gallery, and are considered commentators rather than special guests.


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  • Interviews: Cody and Sierra interview three or four castmates who have been recently eliminated from the show. The unqualified contestants will also talk to them if necessary.
  • That's Gonna Leave A Mark!: A montage of unseen or seen footage from various episodes showing contestants getting hurt or injured.
  • Truth or...: The interviewed castmates are asked questions at the risk of being severely injured if they lie. This segment is changed every Aftermath, with a different item appearing each time. Example: "Truth or Anvil," where an anvil falls on the contestant if they lie.
  • Never-Before-Seen Footage: Cody and Sierra will show unseen footage from various episodes, usually to expose a castmate for things that they are denying.
  • Video Guests: A fan of Total Drama Action calls the show on webcam and asks one of the castmates being interviewed a question.


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===Total Drama World Tour Aftermath

Video GuestsEdit

Guests During The Aftermath: I

Damian submitted by Blacklightning98
Question: To B: Why do you never talk?
August submitted by finalphantom5
Question: To Felicity and Gwen: How does it feel to have been framed?
Claudia submitted by ???
Question: To Will: Marry me!?

Guests During The Aftermath: II

Penny submitted by MightyMewtron
Question: To Abigail: Want to be my best friend?
Blake submitted by finalphantom5
Question: To Scott: What happened to your mother?
Dante submitted by OrangeBirdMaster2
Question: To Owen: What do Apple Crisp's taste like?


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