The Ex Files
Season 3, Episode 76
First Aired (USA) November 8, 2013
Location Nevada, Area 51
Challenge(s) Infiltrate Area 51. Retrieve an alien artifact.
Winner(s) Team Gloom N Doom
Eliminated Charlotte & Gwen
Episode Guide
"Greece's Pieces"
"Didney Wurl"


Cast Edit

Actor Role
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Jon Cor Brick
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Willa Holland Charlotte
Clé Bennett Chef
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Katie Crown Izzy
Laurie Elliott Jo
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Linda Cardellini Mel
Andy Berman Nathaniel
Carter Hayden Noah
Lauren Lipson Sadie
James Wallis Scott


=== O-O-O SONG TIME === "I'm A Loser" === SONG TIME O-O-O === (To the theme of "Boyfriend Kisser" The screen goes black. The scene is inside a small room full of bright cyan, blue, and red buttons and tech designs. Lightning, Scott, Beth, and… for some reason, Izzy has randomly showed, are in this room wearing military general hats. They look at a blue print on a screen. Lightning turns to the camera. Music starts)

Lightning: I'm a loser! I thought I was the bomb, a big sha bammin bruiser! But I'm a no-good fake, I'm a useless user now!

Scott: (pops up in front of the camera) HE'S A LOSER! (the camera sparks out and moves to the blueprint)

Lightning: It's rather bold… that someone so mold, could ever dream of…winning the go-o-old!

(Blueprint of Lightning being outran by Izzy) THAT'S RIGHT!!!

(Blueprint of Lightning failing a math test, and Beth passing) THAT'S RIGHT!!!

(Blueprint of Lightning losing an arm wrestling match against Owen) THAT'S RIGHT!!!

(Blueprint of Lightning losing the big race at Greece) THAT'S RIGHT!!!

Lightning: (the scene fades to Greece. A recap of the race) Let's move piece by piece, the scene took place in Greece, I would win without a crease, watched my hopes decease!

Izzy: All this time you wanted victory you were just a DEADBEAT!!! (Beth covers Izzy's mouth)

Beth: (speaking) A little harsh, Izzy.

Lightning, Scott, Izzy: HE'S A LOSER!!!

Scott, Izzy and Lightning: I'm not the… SHA-WINNER! (Multiple blueprints of Lightning generally losing plays behind them) I'm the big time, capital, winner's DINNER!

All: I'M A LOSER!!!

Lightning: (The scene shifts back to reality. Lightning is rocking back on the floor with his blanket) It's rather bold… that someone so mold, could ever dream of…winning the go-o-old!


Quotes Edit

  • Alejandro: She's DATING WILL?!!? That little rat ruined my fun on the island! I hate him! He's worse than Jose!… Actually, no. Jose is worse… but at the time it felt like he was!

  • Gwen: LOOK what I found! (holds up a glowing box) I think we have our artifact. (The box disintegrates) … This challenge sucks.

Trivia Edit

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