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The Aftermath XI
Season 2, Episode 12.2
First Aired (USA) December 28, 2014
Guest Appearances Zoey and Courtney
Episode Guide
"A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste"
"Nothing To Sea"


The eliminated contestants start an Aftermath show in the old Aftermath Studio in Wowonokwo Studios. A princess and a misunderstood "freakshow" host the show, bringing light upon the eliminated contestants. Two previous finalists return to give their input.


Actor Role
Christian Potenza Chris
Clé Bennett Beardo
Lyon Smith Adam
Bryn McAuley Amy
Miranda Cosgrove Candace
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Tara Strong Desiree
Sunday Muse Ella
Melissa Altro Fallon
Doron Bell Randy
Ian Ronningen Rodney
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
P.J. Byrnes Zachary



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