Team Yoloswag
Number of Members 7
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Brick, 12th place
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Courtney, 2nd place
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Justin, 26th place
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Jo, 15th place
Advanced to All-Stars 3
Advanced to Pahkitew 1

Team Yoloswag is a team on Total Drama World Tour Do Over. Their team color is pink and their mascot is a hashtag. The team was formed in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 and consisted of Courtney, Jo, Sadie, Lindsay, Brick, Justin, and Cameron. This is the only team of the season that doesn't undergo a team swap. The team was dismissed at the merge in Is This Rio Life?. The remaining members at the time the team was dismissed were Courtney, Brick, Sadie, and Lindsay.

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Team Yoloswag teammates
Brick | Cameron | Courtney | Jo | Justin | Lindsay | Sadie

Campers EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Justin Male 7th 25th Broadway Baby Not only did Justin fall for Mel's manipulation, but he fell for Courtney too. Because of Mel. He forcefully kissed Courtney and got into a fight with Duncan. Thanks to his negative interactions with a few teammates, he was promptly voted out.
Cameron Male 6th 16th Didney Wurl Cameron got a sugar rush after Alejandro fed him candy. Alejandro wanted Cameron and the rest of Jo's alliance out of the way after they learned that Nathaniel really ISN'T evil.
Jo Female 5th 15th Picnic At The Hanging Dork Jo is ostrisized by her team when they ridicule her for being so mean and abusive. For not being in Courtney's clique, Jo is picked off. Alejandro ultimately made a fool out of her for almost foiling his plans.
Lindsay Female 4th 13th Is This Rio Life? After her clone attacked, everyone was wary of Lindsay. Scott's alliance then decided that Lindsay could possibly be a future ally of Mel due to her stupidity. Lindsay is eliminated before that happens.
Brick Male 3rd 12th Russian Away Brick is considered a threat to Mel. She saw how daring he was during a challenge when defending Courtney's honor. Not liking Courtney, Mel selected Brick for elimination when given the power to.
Sadie Female 2nd 11/10th Niagara Brawls Trent wanted to be eliminated. His wish was fulfilled, but sadly at Sadie's expense. The double elimination required pairs of two. Sadie was Trent's partner.
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