Team Athens
Number of Members 7
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Dj
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Mel, 4th
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Shin, 28th
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Charlotte, 18th
Advanced to All-Stars 3
Advanced to Pahkitew 5

Team Athens is a team on Total Drama World Tour Do Over. Their team color is blue and their mascot is symbol for the male gender. The team was formed in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 and consisted of Nathaniel, Sam, Dj, Shin, Gwen, Charlotte and Beth. Later, in Broadway Baby, Beth was sent to Team Pickle and replaced by Duncan. A second team swap occurred in Jamaica Me Sweat when Nathaniel was exchanged for Mel. The team was dismissed at the merge in Is This Rio Life?. The remaining member at the time the team was dismissed was Mel.

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Team Athens teammates
Beth | Charlotte | DJ | Duncan | Gwen | Mel | Nathaniel | Sam | Shin

Campers EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Shin Male 8th 27th Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan Shin was inspired by Mel to be more smart. So he tried proving this by being culturally accurate in Japan. By sabotaging his team's commercial for his supposed "better" one, he lost them the challenge. Topped off with his trust issues, his betrayal came full circle.
Sam Male 7th 24th Slap Slap Revolution Sam was the weakest member of the team. Despite Duncan's irritability, he was cast off.
Duncan Male 6th 20th Jamaica Me Sweat Nathaniel convinced his team to vote for Duncan after he saw how hurt Courtney was after their breakup.
Dj Male 5th 19th I See London... DJ was so spooked by Jack the Ripper that he fled the scene in terror, leaving behind his team.
Charlotte Female 4th 17/16th The Ex-Files Charlotte had a memory wipe in Area 51. Her team voted her out for her own safety.
Gwen Female 3rd 17/16th The Ex-Files Gwen volunteered to safely escort Charlotte out of the game after Chris' contract wouldn't let the cast be killed.


  • This team was the first in TDWTDO to undergo a team swap along with Team Pickle.
  • Ironic to their team name, all males on the team were eliminated before the females.
  • It is the first team in TDDO to be reduced to a single member prior to the merge.
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