Screaming Gophers
ScreamingGophers copy
Number of Members 17
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Will, 4th place
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Zoey, 2nd place
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Justin, 43rd place
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Blaineley, 39th place
Advanced to Action 10
Advanced to World Tour 10
Advanced to All-Stars 9
Advanced to Pahkitew 2

The Screaming Gophers was a team on Total Drama Island Do Over. Their team color is green and their mascot is an aggravated, seemingly shouting gopher with its fists up. The team was formed in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 and consisted of Blaineley, Courtney, Leshawna, Dakota, Felicity, Izzy, Anne Maria, Duncan, Robert, Cameron, Justin, Mike, Brick, Lightning and Will. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Duncan and Courtney left the team and were exchanged for Zoey and Jo. The team was dismissed at the merge in Brunch Of Disgustingness. The remaining members at the time the team was dismissed were Jo, Zoey, Felicity, Leshawna, and Will.

Assigned in Not So Happy Campers Part 2

After team swap in Paintball Deer Hunter

After the Merge in No Pain, No Game

Other Teams in Total Drama Island Do OverEdit

Screaming Gophers teammates
Anne Maria | Blaineley | Brick | Cameron | Courtney | Dakota | Duncan | Felicity | Izzy | Jo | Justin | Leshawna | Lightning | Mike | Robert | Will | Zoey

Campers EliminatedEdit

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Robert Male RETURN RETURN Not So Happy Campers Part 2 Robert believed that he was safe no matter what because he was rich and could buy the show. Nevertheless, Robert's consistent insults and rudeness drove his team to vote him out anyway.
Justin Male th 15th The Big Sleep Justin became angry with Alejandro for being hotter than him. Not wanting to have someone onto his trail so early in the game, Alejandro sweet-talked every girl on Justin's team into voting for Justin.
Cameron Male th 14th Dodgebrawl Cameron's weakness was magnified in the dodgeball court. His team then realized that he literally was the "weakest" player on their team. Cameron was voted out for being a liability.
Blaineley Female th 13th Not Quite Famous Blaineley originally was safe and Courtney would have been eliminated. Instead, Courtney's folks sent Chris proof that Blaineley was severely over the age limit required to be on Total Drama. Blaineley was arrested for faking her ID on national television.
Lightning Male th 12th Up The Creek Lightning got some of his team lost on Boney Island and managed to anger his team with his stupidity. He was voted off for messing up the challenge and refusing to take any of the blame.
Anne Maria Female th 11th Paintball Deer Hunter Anne Maria for the longest time, has surprised her team with her constant idiocy. Until Paintball Deer Hunt, she really got annoying. With just a few votes, she was eliminated for being useless.
Izzy Female th 10th If You Can't Take The Heat... Izzy blew up the kitchen after trying to reheat the team's chicken. While her team had already won invincibility, Izzy knew that her blowing up the kitchen would attract the RCMP. So Izzy ran from Wawanakwa to hide for awhile.
Dakota Female th 9th Who Can You Trust? Dakota's paparazzi constantly got in the way of the team. Dakota's entourage also proved that Dakota's poor attention span for the challenge could have possibly poisoned and killed someone. Dakota was eliminated for being too unsafe.
Brick Male th 8th Basic Straining Brick was supposed to stay and Will was originally supposed to go. Brick stayed true to his morales and believed that he had broken his vow "never leave a man behind" and that he failed his team. He eliminated himself so his own team could prosper.
Mike Male th 7th X-Treme Torture Mike had cursed his team with a tiki idol from Boney Island. After he team discovered this, they believed that if they voted Mike out, their curse would end.
Robert Male th 6th Search And Do Not Destroy Robert's consistent insults and rudeness got the better of him again and caused all of the other contestants to vote him off.
Felicity Female th 5th That's Off The Chain Felicity was the last person to cross the finish line along with Abigail. Noah saved Abigail but was unnable to help Felicity.
Leshawna Female th 4th Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon Leshawna was not saved considering the votes were between her and Harold, and Will and Jo. Everyone preffered Will.
Jo Female 6th 3rd Haute Camp-ture Jo had the least amount of supporters from the eliminated.
Will Male 4th 2nd Are We There Yeti? Will, Zoey and DJ all voted for themselves, as they didn't want to vote for anyone except Alejandro, who had immunity. He voted off Will because he was too nice.
Zoey Female 2nd 1st The Very Last Episode, Really DJ managed to reach the finish line just before Zoey could, thus winning the finale challenge.

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