Screaming Gaffers
Number of Members 13
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Mike, 4th
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Dawn, 1st
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Will, 24th
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Felicity, 27th
Advanced to World Tour 7
Advanced to All-Stars 3
Advanced to Pahkitew 2

The Screaming Gaffers are a team on Total Drama Action Do Over. Their team color is green and their mascot is a lightbulb with crossbones behind it. The team was formed in Riot On Set and consisted of Lindsay, Gwen, Zoey, Dawn, Felicity, Katie, Justin, Will, Cameron, Mike, Scott and Shin. Their team captain was Gwen before the position was transferred to B in Beach Blanket Bogus. The position was transferred one last time to Shin in 3:10 To Crazytown. An additional member, Eva joined later in Full Metal Drama. The team was dismissed at the merge in Dial M For Merger. The remaining members at the time the team was dismissed were Mike, Justin, Shin, Zoey, Dawn and Eva.

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Screaming Gaffers teammates
B | Cameron | Dawn | Eva | Felicity | Gwen | Justin | Katie | Lindsay | Mike | Scott | Shin | Will | Zoey

Campers EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Felicity Female 14th 27th Riot On Set Felicity was holding a light during a dramatic scene challenge. Vanessa kicked the ladder beneath her, causing her to fall, drop the light, set the set on fire, and ruin her team's chances at victory. They lost, and Felicity was blamed.
Gwen Female 13th 26th Musical Blunder Number Vanessa had gotten a hold of her team's script, Gwen being the team captain so she wrote the script. Vanessa rearranged and added scenes to the script, making it look like a fantasy musical about her and Trent. Trent was furious and so was Shin. The musical reminded Shin of Geoff's obsession with Bridgette. So Gwen was voted off to prevent an obsession, even though she was set up.
Lindsay Female 12th 25th Beach Blanket Bogus Lindsay had run for team captain alongside Dawn, B, and Justin. Vanessa had been feeding them all false information on how to appeal to their team. When Lindsay took her words literally, she ripped off her shirt in a challenge. Lindsay's team considered her the most ridiculous candidate and voted her off.
Will Male 11th 24th Haters Of The Lost Ark Will had angered Justin to the point where Justin hypnotized the girls of the team with his looks. Justin was tired of models being labeled stupid, which Will had labeled him as so. Scott was also aware that Will knew he was throwing challenges. The combined votes sealed his fate.
B Male 10th 23rd 3:10 To Crazytown Chef and Shin made an illegal alliance. B was team captain at the time. Chef wanted Shin to rule his team, so as a staff member, Chef took it upon himself to rig the votes, dethroning B. With B gone, Shin could rise up and take the role of team captain. Thus, usurping B.
Cameron Male 9th 19th Buns Of Steel Cameron was seriously injured during the disaster challenge. He was removed from the competition by the medic team.
Scott Male 8th 17th Full Metal Drama After sabotaging the team for multiple challenges, the team lost trust in Scott. Even after he changed and stopped losing, he was framed by Vanessa for losing again. They pointed fingers at him.
Katie Female 7th 16th Full Metal Drama When Eva threatened that she better return to the game, Chris announced that someone else had to leave in her place. Mama Dj got her revenge on Katie for breaking DJ's heart by volunteering her for elimination.
Zoey Female 6th 12th Super Zeroes Vanessa soon realized that Zoey could possibly make it as far as she did last season. After convincing the guys that Zoey was a deliberate threat to the game, they collaboratively voted her out.
Shin Male 5th 11th The Princess Pride Shin's illegal alliance with Chef was finally revealed by Brick. After being exposed, Bridgette broke up with Shin, and all of his friendships fell apart. In grief, Shin voted himself out to rebalance the scales that he altered.
Justin Male 4th 6th Crouching Moron, Hidden Champ Justin upset Mike and Harold when he decided to fight them alongside Alejandro in order to save his looks. After losing badly, the word got out of Justin's deception and he payed the price.
Eva Female 3rd 5th 2013: A Space Idiocy Eva overcame her anger. This brought attention to the fact that now she could possibly be unstoppable. Nobody could resist voting the titan off, even after she opened up to them.
Mike Male 2nd 4th/sup> Top Dog Heather used Mike's disorder to defeat him. She aroused Vito before voting and caused a tiebreaker between herself and Mike. She kicked his kiwis.
Dawn Female 1st 1st The Aftermath V: Who Wants To Pick A Millionaire? Dawn was the overall winner of TDADO when she outbested Harold by being more popular by seeing the personal sides of each of her voters. They gladly voted Dawn.
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