Russian Away
Season 3, Episode 81
First Aired (USA) December 6, 2013
Location Russia, Bolshoi Theater
Challenge(s) act as a fellow contestant
Winner(s) Mel and Izzy
Eliminated Brick
Episode Guide
"Is This Rio Life?"
"Niagara Brawls"


Cast Edit

Actor Role
Sarah Gadon Beth
Jon Cor Brick
Clé Bennett Chef
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Katie Crown Izzy
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Linda Cardellini Mel
Andy Berman Nathaniel
Carter Hayden Noah
Lauren Lipson Sadie
James Wallis Scott


=== O-O-O SONG TIME === "For Real, Her Name's Not Mel" === SONG TIME O-O-O === (To the theme and rhyme of "Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley". Mel begins walking across the stage. She casts spiteful glances at Brick. She smirks at the audience)

Mel: (as Courtney) Here's an open letter to a treasure of a girl! But the way she plays the game makes me want to hurl! She's a nasty boyfriend kisser who thinks she leads the team! But obv'ously, she's worse than me, cause I'm a CIT!

She'll play the field and flirt with you, but she doesn't love you a bit! I worked real hard to get this far, but she doesn't give a s- (cut off)

She's kissed Nat and my boyfriend, the latter of which she stole Cause Duncan think's she's prettier, more fair and not a troll!

She's not an ANGEL like I am, and this I feel I must tell! Her tiny clothes make mine look boring, and her real name isn't Mel!

She gets luckier than I do, and her real name isn't Mel! She's one gross punk, and she makes me blue, and her real name isn't Mel! (It's Melissa!)


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