Don BoxEdit

Don Boxes resemble the appearance of the host Don and contain a Travel Tip that dispenses from its mouth when the button on its head is pressed.


Interviews are the Ridonculous Race counterparts to the confessionals from Total Drama. Much like its counterpart, the interviews are used by the teams to talk about their time on the show. The interviews usually take place in a black room showing a world map in the background. Alternatively, teams are sometimes interviewed at their current location and also when they are eliminated.

Travel TipEdit

Travel Tips are blue and black cards that provide clues and instructions for the contestants to get to their next location, or how to perform a challenge. Contestants must acquire them to advance in the game. A Travel Tip is usually dispensed from a Don Box or is given by a Travel Tip giver.

Chill ZoneEdit

Chill Zones are symbolized as an area around the Carpet of Completion, a golden round carpet which serves as the starting and finishing point for each leg of the race. At every Chill Zone, Don waits for teams to arrive and announces their placement on the leg. If a team is penalized, they are forced to wait near the Chill Zone until their penalty is over. The last team to arrive will be eliminated.


An All-In is the most commonly recurring challenge in The Ridonculous Race, appearing in almost every episode. The number of All-In challenges in an episode may vary between one or two. Both members of a team must compete in an All-In challenge or they will be penalized.


An Either/Or is a type of challenge in which teams must choose between one of two tasks. If a team faces difficulty in completing one task, they are free to switch to the other task.

Botch or WatchEdit

A Botch or Watch is a type of challenge in which only one member from each team is allowed to participate, while the other watches without helping their partner in any way. In the next Botch or Watch, the member who didn't partake in the previous challenge will perform the challenge. A team will be penalized if the same member competes in two Botch or Watches in a row.

Penalty ClockEdit

The Penalty Clock indicates the time given to a team who is penalized when they break a rule anytime during a leg in the race when they reach the Chill Zone. Reasons for a team incurring a penalty include:

  • Not completing tasks as exactly written.
  • Using an unauthorized method of travel.
  • A team member fails to participate in an All-In challenge.
  • A team member competes in two consecutive Botch or Watch challenges.
  • Flagrant cheating.

When a team is penalized, they are forced to stand next to the Chill Zone and wait until the time expires.


A Boomerang gives the ability to force a team to redo the previous challenge. It is randomly found on the back of a Travel Tip of the first Don Box of the visited country. It can be used at any point until the next Don Box, in which it expires.


A Superteam is a type of challenge in which multiple teams must work together to complete a challenge.

Zip-It TicketEdit

The Zip-It Ticket allows a team to skip any remaining challenges and go directly to the Chill Zone.


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