Nobody Eggspects Opposition
Season 5, Episode 8
First aired (USA) June 1, 2014
Challenge(s) Collect mutant eggs from monsters in the "Fun Zone"
ChRef(s) One Million Bucks B.C.
--- evade monsters
Rapa Phooey!
--- collect eggs
Reward(s) Staying a night in the eco-friendly, McClean Spa Hotel.
Winner(s) Villainous Vultures
Exiled to Boney Island Duncan
Eliminated Brick
Episode guide
"Moon Madness"
"Suckers Punched"


The contestants are forced into the "Fun Zone", the most dangerous and radioactively unstable area of Boney Island, where they must retrieve eggs and avoid terrifying monsters. An alliance leader struggles to keep their alliance members in check. A suave manipulator begins losing their touch on seduction. One hero is wary of another after a previous, eventful challenge. A villain can't help but fall for another's charm and cheats on their significant other. The leader of the heroes finds the immunity idol, but never gets to play it when an evil force swipes it from him. The loyal leader is flushed away when only they and another hero are unimmune.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Brooke D'Orsay Abigail
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Christian Potenza Chris
Carla Collins Blaineley
Jon Cor Brick
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Clé Bennett Chef
Peter Oldring Cody
Drew Nelson Duncan
Brian Froud Harold
Rachel Wilson Heather
Laurie Elliott Jo
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Cory Doran Mike
Linda Cardellini Mel
David Wain Robert
Annick Obonsawin Sierra

Quotes Edit


  • Mel: But my eyes have SEEN his pri-
  • Jo: -TV PG, MEL!!!

  • Leshawna: Neither am I... (one plant looks like Chris. A cross between Chris and a plant...) ..... Oh hell no.

  • Alejandro: (brushing his tongue with a toothbrush) EUUUGGHH!! (he silently whimpers) Do it for the million. Do it for the million.

Trivia Edit

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