Niagara Brawls
Season 3, Episode 82
First Aired (USA) December 8, 2013
Location Niagara Falls
Challenge(s) marry and wed a contestant across Niagara Falls.
Winner(s) Scott and Dawn
Eliminated Trent and Sadie
Episode Guide
"Russian Away"
"Chinese Fake-Out"


Cast Edit

Actor Role
Sarah Gadon Beth
Clé Bennett Chef
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Katie Crown Izzy
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Linda Cardellini Mel
Andy Berman Nathaniel
Carter Hayden Noah
Lauren Lipson Sadie
James Wallis Scott


=== O-O-O SONG TIME === "Get Me Out" === SONG TIME O-O-O === (To the beat and rhythm of "Blainerific". Trent sings in the stage)

Trent: LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME this is, that I am here, not being home with my amnesiac dear! She's all alone in forgotten fear!

Beth: He's sad and frightened! His girlfriend's not enlightened!

Trent: So send me home now… HOME NOW!

Scott: This has GOT to be a ploy! Does he think that our minds are toys!?

Dawn: No, his feelings are sincere, for Charlotte, and he must be near!

Trent: I'm so serious! Charlotte's delirious! She needs my help NOW… MY HELP NOW! (yells at the cast) Pick up the phone inside your dome, be smart and just send me home…. … (they stare at him blankly) … Don't make me moan..

Noah: This guy's not kidding.

Sadie: He's hot, who here's bidding!

Trent: So send me home now!… HOME NOW!

Everyone: Now way he's joking, he wants our doubts provoking!


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