Mystery Meat is a minor character who first appears in Who Can You Trust? and last appeared in I Triple Dog Dare You.

Total Drama Island Do OverEdit

Mystery Meat is a very sassy character. Her trademark is saying things like, "Gurl!" or "Y'all acking cray-cray!" She  apparently has problems with Noah, Beth, and the general campers, calling them "twerps." She was smashed with a hammer in Who Can You Trust?, so her vital statistics are uncertain.

She appears in multiple episodes thereafter, but is ultimately eaten by Alejandro during a dare in I Triple Dog Dare You. She died as she would have wanted to live. (Being inside a hot guy)

Total Drama Revenge Do OverEdit

After four seasons of absence, Mystery Meat returns during the challenge in Quarantine Cuisine and meets the new cast. She returns by performing a parody of the Nicki Minaj song "Anaconda" before she is defeated for good.


  • She is based off CoGreen2.0's running gag of using this kind of language.
  • She may be the counterpart of Mr. Coconut.