Mutant Maggots
Mutant Maggots
Number of Members 12
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Harrison 3rd
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Sammy 4th
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Colton 16th
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Ella 26th/27th

The Mutant Maggots are one of three teams in Total Drama Revenge Do Over. Their team color is red and their logo is a squirming mutated larva maggot with razor sharp teeth. The team consists of Amy, Desiree, Ella, Giselle, Harrison, Jack, Nicole, Rodney, Sammy and Topher. The team underwent a team swap at the end of Finders Creepers. Nicole and Rodney were exchanged for the Radioactive Rats's Colton and the Toxic Turtles's Tanner.

Assigned in Bigger, Badder, Brutaler

After team swap in Finders Creepers

After team swap in Nothing To Sea

Surviving Maggots who made the merge in Grand Chef Auto

Other Teams in Total Drama Revenge Do Over

Mutant Maggots teammates
Amy | Coby | Colton | Desiree | Ella | Giselle | Harrison | Jack | Krystal | Nicole | Rodney | Sammy | Tanner | Topher


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Ella Female 25th 10th Mine Over Splatter She and Harrison were both went back down the mine to Save Adam. She received the penalty for disobeying Chris.
Desiree Female 22nd 9th Backstabbers Ahoy Desiree's fight with Amy earned her enemies. Desiree preventing her team from winning to save Rodney caused Colton and Tanner to vote her off too.
Amy Female Returns Returns The Runaway Model Amy's constant harassment of Sammy put Sammy over the edge. She tricked her team into believing she was Amy, and had Jack and Giselle vote off "Sammy".
Krystal Female 18th 8th Nothing To Sea After creating a new alliance with Tanner after switching from the Toxic Turtles, Tanner took this opportunity to blindside her due to him feeling she was a rival, and convinced Colton, Topher, and Coby to vote her.
Colton Male 16th 7th Trivial Matters Tanner convinced Topher, Coby and Sammy to vote him off because he was a physical threat in the game.
Topher Male 15th 6th Having A Hill Of A Time Topher received a call from Scarlett, tricking him into believing he was the host after Tanner built up his hopes. Chris eliminated him biasly when Topher stole his intros.
Coby Male 14th 5th Grand Chef Auto Tanner won the challenge and got to pick who went home. He chose Coby because he believed he was in an alliance with Scarlett, to eradicate any alliance she had so that she would be forced to ally with him.
Amy Female 13th 4th Quarantine Cuisine Cuz she's a jerk.
Tanner Male 7th 3rd Tox Box Was the last contestant to leave the Tox Box. Sammy granted Jack immunity, leaving him as the last contestant inside.
Sammy Female 4th 2nd Peace Of Mine Was eliminated by the jury consisting of Chris, Chef, and Alice due to her cheating regarding the Amy swap.
Harrison Male 3rd 1st Peace Of Mine Jack defeated him in a tiebreaker by utilizing Alfonzo, the teleporting frog.
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