Loch Where You're Going
Season 3, Episode 70
First Aired (USA) October 12, 2013
Location Loch Ness, Scotland
Challenge(s) Cryptid Photo Hunt
Winner(s) Team Athens
Eliminated Abigail
Episode Guide
"Can't Help Falling In Louvre"
"Jamaica Me Sweat"


Actor Role
Brooke D'Orsay Abigail
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Jon Cor Brick
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Willa Holland Charlotte
Clé Bennett Chef/Dj
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Katie Crown Izzy
Laurie Elliott Jo
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Linda Cardellini Mel
Andy Berman Nathaniel
Carter Hayden Noah
Scott McCord Owen
Lauren Lipson Sadie
James Wallis Scott

Song Edit

O-O-O SONG TIME === "Sea Shanty" === SONG TIME O-O-O (Both teams begin dancing on their boats) (I KNOW IT'S NOT A SEA, IT'S A LAKE, BUT DEAL WITH IT -3-)

Izzy: We're heading out to Loch Ness lake, our captain waits on shore!!

Beth: We'll take some pics of spooky myths, uncover some folklore! (Izzy and Beth hand their paddles to Lightning and Owen and begin tap-dancing)

Jo: (barks at her team) Turn the ship northeastern because I'm the captain here!

Sadie: (snaps her fingers sassily at Jo) Not today, will I obey, so you can kiss my rear! (Brick and Sadie high five while Jo scowls)

Owen: It's a Sea Shanty, and we'll find NESSIE! (Team Pickle begins rowing towards team Yoloswag)

Cameron: Can we stop and take some time, observe exotic fish!? (Lindsay coos and takes a picture of a trout passing by)

Lindsay: Dear Nessie, we'll talk to thee, but do you speak Scottish? (Lindsay scratches her head. Brick begins adjusting the sail)

Brick: It's a sea shanty, and we'll find Nessie!

Lightning: Now you won't catch me, as we go find Nessie! (Lightning swings the oar. It breaks Team Yoloswag's sail) SHA-SHANTY! (they row away)


Trivia Edit

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