Kitty2wt 2
Gender Female
Eliminated RR: Tale As New As York
Place RR: 4th
Family Emma
Friends Chet, Lorenzo, DJ
Enemies Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, Courtney
Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills

Kitty is a canon debuting contestant on Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do Over as a member of The Sisters with her travel partner, Emma.


Kitty is almost the polar opposite of her sister, Emma. Compared to her competitive and distrustful sister, Kitty prefers to take things slowly and sees the race as a free trip around the world, using this opportunity to enjoy herself. She plans to get along easily with the other teams and doesn't see them the way her sister does. In Emma's point of view, Kitty is a burden and easily distracted; however, Kitty pines to prove to her sister that she is anything but worthless.

Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do OverEdit


Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do OverEdit


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Eliminated from Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do Over
Previous Episode Next
Momma DJ and Dj Tale As New As York with Emma Heather and Alejandro

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