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Mother And Daughter
Gender Female
Eliminated RR: TBA
Place RR: TBA
Family Taylor
Friends Dwayne, Junior, Sanders, MacArthur, Mama DJ, DJ
Enemies Chris, Duncan, Spud
Voiced by Julie Lemieux

Kelly is a canon debuting contestant on Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do Over as a member of Mother And Daughter with her travel partner and daughter, Taylor.


Kelly is a rich trophy wife focused on her looks and desperately clinging to her youth with cool clothes, cool "jams," and being a "cool mom." Though she means well, her parenting has caused her daughter, Taylor to be spoiled rotten and ungrateful towards her mother. Kelly's sweet nature; however, prevents her from standing up to her daughter and be extremely patient with her.

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Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do OverEdit


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