The Adversity Twins
Jay Static
Gender Male
Eliminated RR: French Is An Eiffel Language
Place RR: 29th
Family Mickey
Friends Mickey, Cheyenne
Enemies TBA
Voiced by Lyon Smith

Jay is a canon debuting contestant on Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do Over as a member of The Adversity Twins with his travel partner and brother, Mickey.


Jay and his identical twin Mickey deal with adversity every day in their life since they were born, such as allergies, phobias, accidents, disorders and ailments are just some of the many obstacles that plague them on a regular basis. They are ridden with anxiety, but have a developed an impressive "never give up" attitude which helps them push past their daily servings of tragedy and setbacks.

Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do OverEdit

Jay and Mickey arrived in None Down, Thirty To Go, where they expressed their lack of confidence in their ability to win the race. They tell the cameras that they made a deal with their PE teacher stating that if they can outrank at least one team. Their choices in the game varied based on their multitude of medical misfortunes and bad luck. In The Road To Morocco, they befriended Cheyenne after she helped them with their allergies using medicinal herbs. Adam out-pitied them with his own backstory, which gave them a better perspective. In French Is An Eiffel Language, the twins were the last team to arrive due to their cheese allergies in the roquefort roll challenge. They succesfully outranked a team, so therefore get the PE credit.



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