Heroic Hamsters
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Mike/Mal, 3rd
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Bridgette, 1st
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member B, 15th
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Zoey, 18th

The Heroic Hamsters are a team on Total Drama All Stars Do Over. Their team color is gold and their mascot is an upright hamster with a halo hovering overhead. The team was formed in Heroes Vs. Villains - Part 1 and consisted of Bridgette, Abigail, Sierra, Courtney, Zoey, Mike, Cody, B, Harold and Brick. The team captain was Brick until the position was passed down to Bridgette in Nobody Eggspects Opposition. The team was disbanded in You Regatta Be Kidding Me. The heroes at the time of the disbanding were Bridgette, Abigail, Mal, and Harold.

Other Teams in Total Drama Action Do Over

Heroic Hamsters teammates
Abigail | B | Brick | Bridgette | Cody | Courtney | Harold | Mike | Sierra | Zoey
ABIGAIL is a hero was her dare in I Triple Dog Dare You that defeated Alejandro's chances of winning by severely injuring him. In general, she has always been a sweet person. Though sassy at times, she remains blissfully gleeful and never shows intentional malice towards those who don't deserve it.
BRICK is a hero because...He quit the game in Basic Straining just so he could save his own team from facing elimination. He also honorably found a way to get himself caught in the act of cheating in Get A Clue when Chris forced him to sabotage the others. This was so he would be eliminated and cast away from Chris. It worked. He has also been chivalrous and kind to others weaker than he is.
BRIDGETTE is a hero because...after her boyfriend, Shin, was eliminated she went on to get her own ponytail cut off in order to progress in the challenge during No Pain, No Game. She was eliminated for being a threat, but her sacrifice was highly inspirational. She also dumped Shin in The Princess Pride when he revealed he was cheating. Bridgette, though clumsy, has always helped people up on their feet. Her background of medics and nature make her the perfect deity of kindness.
B is a hero because...he was unfairly eliminated in BOTH of the seasons he participated in. He never took them poorly and accepted them with his head held high. Anyone who's that good of a sport deserves another shot. He has also made many friends even without the sense of speech. He is a silent guardian.
CODY is a hero because...he never let stardom go to his head when he hosted the Total Drama Aftermath show. He was loyal and kind to the people that Sierra was humiliating and berating. Despite the money he could have earned from ruining their lives, he chose the moral path, always.
COURTNEY is a hero because...she was crushed by Mel's sleekness and Duncan's betrayal in Total Drama World Tour Do Over. She stood strong even when her boyfriend left her for someone else. She reconciled in Brick and began dating him, one of the nicest guys on the show.
HAROLD is a hero because...he had been bullied immensely on the show. Duncan, Heather, and Vanessa had pushed him around. Before Dial M For Merger, Harold had reached out to help make Vanessa a better person. In Total Drama Island Do Over, Harold had written a beautiful haiku that cheered up Jo.
MIKE is a hero because... he's not. He's really not.
SIERRA is a hero because...she used her money from the aftermath shows to buy her way into Total Drama All Stars Do Over. She's not supposed to be here. Neither is Mike though.
ZOEY is a hero because...she has shown unmeasurable amounts of compassion to Mike, a kid with MPD. Despite what everyone says about him, she somehow sees the good. For being an optimist person, she gains heroism.

Campers Eliminated

Name Gender Rank team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Zoey Female 10th 18th Saving Private Leechball Zoey was attacked by Mike, or so she thought. Mike's fifth personality. She told her team about the incident, but most of them thought she was lying.
Courtney Female 9th 16th Food Fright Courtney was bossing her team around after Brick was secretly harmed by Mal via salad spinner. She eliminated for being too bossy.
B Male 8th 15th Moon Madness B underwent the effects of the blue harvest moon and acted out of character. He spoke, yelled enraged at Sierra for her advances. He was eliminated for being too harsh.
Brick Male 7th 14th Nobody Eggspects Opposition Brick was one of the only two heroes to not have immunity for not attaining an egg. He was cast off when his idol was stolen by Mike, unable to defend himself when his team chose Bridgette over him, due to the previous challenge.
Cody Male 6th 12th Dodgefall Cody was automatically eliminated when he was too injured to compete after diving off a mountain, thanks to Mal when he endangered Fang.
Sierra Female 5th 11th A Lake Is At Stake Mal took advantage of a loophole that he discovered from a night of snooping around. This loophole allowed him to rig the voting so that Sierra would be eliminated.
Abigail Female 4th 9th A Lake Is At Stake Abigail was taken down by Heather, Leshawna, Jo, and Duncan's alliance since she's very well liked.
Harold Male 3rd 7th Seek And Ye Shall Lie Mal played the idol on Harold after he beat him in a fight, which drove Mal into a state of vengeance and fury.
Heroic Hamsters teammates
Abigail | B | Brick | Bridgette | Cody | Courtney | Harold | Mike | Sierra | Zoey
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