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Emma2wt 2
Gender Female
Eliminated RR: TBA
Place RR: TBA
Family Kitty
Friends DJ, Courtney
Enemies Chet, Lorenzo, Duncan, Spud, Alejandro, Heather
Voiced by Stacey Depass

Emma is a canon debuting contestant on Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do Over as a member of The Sisters with her travel partner, Kitty.


Emma is the opposite of her sister Kitty in almost every way; she is an anti-nonsense, highly motivated law student, and takes the competition very seriously. Emma finds it hard to trust anyone and refuses to form alliances with any teams. She sees her sister as a liability to her throughout the race and does not let Kitty participate in challenges at first, even if Kitty is successful. Being a competitive-freak, Emma denies her faults and blames her sister or anyone else on several occasions for any mistake she makes.

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