Season 5, Episode 10
Tdi cliff by thatboywhodreamed-d6f97qc
First aired (USA) June 15, 2014
Challenge(s) Play dodgeball on a disaster themed court on a mountaintop.
ChRef(s) Dodgebrawl
--- dodgeball
Buns Of Steel
--- disasters
Reward(s) Staying a night in the eco-friendly, McClean Spa Hotel.
Winner(s) Villainous Vultures
Exiled to Boney Island Robert
Eliminated Cody
Episode guide
"Suckers Punched"
"A Lake Is At Stake"


The contestants play in a fearful dodgeball game against one another. Two suspicious heroes uncover the truth about one of their dangerous teammates. A hero feels at a fault about their relationship, until they learned it's being hindered by two villains. A prep loses their prized possession, and realize that they have to socialize to survive. One girl makes it clear that she's not interested. A cold blooded villain tosses precious cargo off a mountain, causing the "father" to jump to the rescue, resorting in an automatic elimination due to injury.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Brooke D'Orsay Abigail
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Christian Potenza Chris
Carla Collins Blaineley
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Clé Bennett Chef
Peter Oldring Cody
Drew Nelson Duncan
Brian Froud Harold
Rachel Wilson Heather
Laurie Elliott Jo
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Cory Doran Mike/Mal
David Wain Robert
Annick Obonsawin Sierra

Quotes Edit

  • Mal: I haven't interacted with people in so long… it's HARD to socialize, even if it IS fake and directed towards an annoying brat with a brain the size of an acorn.. and the functionality of one too.

  • Robert: I've never favored dodgeball. We're not expected to play it at MY all private boarding school. We played fifty two pickup, but for rich kids. It's like the actual game, but with fifty dollar bills.

  • Mike/Mal: (mumbles) Good to have you back, Bridgette. (She nervously steps back. He puts an arm around Cody, it nearly puts him in a headlock) I'm so relieved that we still have an intact team ready to take down the villains. I have NO doubt that we'll win as long as we stick to Hale's plan.
  • Harold: … It's… Harold.
  • Mike/Mal: (bops himself in the head) HA! Sorry. The game is just getting to me. Andrenaline, you know? (Harold smiles and agrees, but remain's suspicious)
  • Abigail: (nods profusely) Nothing but support, people! HEROES ON THREE! ONE. TWO. THREE! (Only Harold, and Abigail scream "HEROES") … Um…" Can someone say AWKWARD?

  • Leshawna: What's he doing?
  • Robert: Rubbing the dodgeball on your shirt won't wash away the uncleanliness. Might I suggest industrial soap and- (Cody holds up the ball. It's now teeming with electricity. Static electricity)

(Robert and Leshawna throw some dodgeballs. They attract to the ball Cody electrified. The wind keeps the electricity moving, which makes it stronger. They hit the ball he holds in the air. Cody then throws the ball at Leshawna and Robert. It's an electrical storm)

  • Leshawna: OH!
  • Robert: CRAP!(They get hit. It shocks them both. They lay on the court covered in soot)

  • Alejandro: I have been made a fool out of for the LAST TIME! I will win this game with Heather by my side! … And Duncan is starting to irk me.

  • Chris: Or what's left of him. (Blaineley angrily picks up a dodgeball. She throws it in Chris' face. He screams in a high pitch voice and starts crying)

Trivia Edit

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