Mutant Maggots
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Grey
Eliminated TDR:Backstabbers Ahoy
Place TDR: 22nd
Relationship Rodney
Family Unknown
Friends Sammy, Jack, Nicole, Rodney, Harrison, Colton
Enemies Amy, Scarlett, Tanner, Krystal
Voiced by Tara Strong
Created by InfiniteRiver

Desiree, labeled The Author is one of sixteen brand new, original characters that were introduced in Total Drama Do Over for Total Drama Revenge Do Over. She competed as a member of the Mutant Maggots.



Fairly intelligent, but focuses too much on her own imaginary world of her stories to really succeed in school. Unpopular, but mostly because she chooses to be. Desiree is an author of a shelf-full of various books. She ranges from writing sci-fi, to fantasy adventure, all the way to her most struggling subject, romance. Desiree has issues with romance, and has trouble truly captivating the idea of it. She wrote ONE book about the subject... she doesn't like to talk about that one. It bombed. Desiree is rather shy, but warms up easily if talked to. She'll try and initiate conversations, but unless there's a bond between who she's talking with, she's out of there. Desiree has a strong sense of moral justice, and loves to record everything in her journal for inspiration when she returns home. Desiree wants a story from participating on the show. She wants to be able to write a SERIES by the time she's done. Will she get her inspiration, or be rejected from her due date? Let's see what she publishes.


Desiree arrived with the rest of her team, the Mutant Maggots in a helicopter in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. She befriended Giselle and spoke with Topher early on. She made a habit of waking up early to write down all of her thoughts and experiences on the island in order to write a book in the future. Desiree had a strong infleunce on Sammy, and rushed to defend her from Amy on many occasions. She was usually swiftly shut down by Amy. Desiree ended up capturing the heart of Rodney in Scaling Walls And Scary Falls. She and Rodney grew closer and more confident to the point of Desiree ultimately standing up to Amy in Backstabbers Ahoy. Amy, Colton, Tanner and Topher voted against Desiree after she lost them the challenge for Rodney's sake. She was eliminated after a heartfelt goodbye from her new boyfriend, Rodney.




Mutant Maggots teammates
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