Camp Wawanakwa
First Appearance Not So Happy Campers - Part 1
Last Appearance The Final Wreckening

Camp Wawanakwa is the campsite at which Total Drama Island Do Over takes place. It is located on an island somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario. It is the location of season one, Total Drama Island Do Over, visited during season two, Total Drama Action Do Over, location of season four, Total Drama All Stars Do Over, and the location of season five, Total Drama Revenge Do Over.

The island is owned by Chris McClean and his associate, Chef Hatchet, during season one, two, four, and five.

The island was owned by a radioactive company during the events of season three, Total Drama World Tour Do Over, but now is back under the management of Chris.


Located in the main camp area, during Total Drama Island Do Over, are three cabins, each home to the Screaming Gophers, the Rabid Ducks, and the Killer Bass. In Total Drama All Stars Do Over, there is a lone cabin home to either the Villainous Vultures or the Heroic Hamsters, which are further divided into boys and girls, a communal bathroom, an outhouse that also serves as a confessional, and the main lodge, where the campers would meet every day for their regular meals. Just west of the main camp site is the campfire pit, where elimination ceremonies are held. The only way onto the island is by boat or plane, normally coming to rest at the Dock of Shame.



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