Season 1, Episode 21
Released on December 25th
Location Acapulco, Mexico → Cần Thơ, Vietnam
Challenge(s) (All-In) Catfish Noodling
(All-In) Get Lost And Found In The Underground
Winner(s) 1st Attorneys:
Courtney and Michael
1st Cadets:
MacArthur and Sanders
1st Ice Dancers:
Jacques and Josee
Eliminated Best Friends: Carrie and Devin
Episode guide
"El Bunny Supremo"
"How Deep Is Your Love?"


Voice Actors Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Peter Oldring Michael
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Rachel Wilson Heather
Lyon Smith Adam
Anastasia Phillips Cheyenne
Scott McCord Jacques
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Jeff Geddis Devin
Stacey DePass Emma/Crimson
Lyon Smith Adam
Julie Lemieux Josee
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Clé Bennett DJ
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Carter Hayden Ennui
Nicole Stamp Sanders


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