"That's ridiculous. I'm 16, just like the rest of you!"
— Blaineley's first line in TDDO

Screaming Gophers
Blaineley Front
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde (Dyed)
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: Not Quite Famous
Place TDI: 39th
Relationship None
Family TBA
Friends Chef
Enemies Courtney, Dakota, Chris, Josh
Fear TBA
Talent Gossip
Nicknames TBA
Voiced by Carla Collins

Blaineley, labeled The Diva, was a camper on Total Drama Island Do Over as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She did not qualify for Total Drama Action Do Over or Total Drama World Tour Do Over. She became temporary hostess of Total Drama World Tour Do Over after Dakota was fired from her position in Be More Pacific. She became a co-host in Total Drama All Stars Do Over with Chris and Chef.

Biography Edit


Total Drama Island Do OverEdit

Blaineley is much older than she looks. She tries covering up her oldness throughout her stay in Total Drama Island Do Over. Later she steps up in Not Quite Famous once her team is on a losing streak, the Screaming Gophers, and claims that Courtney is why they're losing. She forces her to sit out for the challenge. Once the team loses anyway, Blaineley is eliminated anyway, AND arrested for joining a teen-only contestant show as an adult. An old adult.

Total Drama Action Do OverEdit

She appears again as a hostess of Celebrity Manhunt. She hosts the Reunion special and claims that she's happy to see all of her old contestants lose their fame. She's now clear, out of jail, and "redeemed" as she puts it. In the end, she rats on Josh, her fellow host, when he tries framing the entire cast of kidnap. She calls police for help when the kid's bus crashes and calls Josh's brother to come beat him up. She ultimately displays care for these kids, showing that she is good at heart.

Total Drama World Tour Do-OverEdit

Blaineley did not participate in the game, nor the aftermath show. She arrived in Be More Pacific to take over the game after Dakota abused her privileges as the host, just as Chris did. She hosts the finale as well and puts on a facade of severe sadism for the finale.


Total Drama Island Do Over

Total Drama Action Do Over

Total Drama World Tour Do Over

Total Drama All Stars Do Over

Total Drama Revenge Do Over



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