Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!
Season 5, Episode 1
Internet Release September 28, 2014
Challenge Season Five's Intro Boat Ride
Reward(s) Pillows and blankets
Winner(s) Mutant Maggots
Eliminated Randy
Episode guide
"Total Drama All Stars Do Over"

An entirely new and unsuspecting cast is brought to the show. They must navigate boats to Wawanakwa, the location of season five

The first team encounters some issues over strategy, but is ultimately pulled together to work as a team. A farmer falls for an agent. Two siblings get off on the wrong foot. An admirer longs to meet their idol. An author takes keen notice over their team. This team wins the challenge and takes the first prize of the season.

The second team learn that their team is especially notable for their heated conflicts, their power struggles, their irritating annoyances, their squeamish weak links, and their shy secreters. A frail player manages to get their team on track after a full fledged fight breaks loose. They neither won, nor lost, and were safe for another week.

The third team attempted to keep their team under control. Many different players amused others with their "quirks". Two players formed a quick friendship. Someone gets insensitive with others backgrounds. A hyperactive fan befriended an athlete dubbed "normal buddies". A tactical force sits quietly. A survivalist quickly alienates the team. In the end, a culturally insensitive player is forced to say "hooroo".


Actor Role
Christian Potenza Chris
Clé Bennett Chef/Beardo/Leonard
Lyon Smith Adam
Bryn McAuley Amy/Samey
Miranda Cosgrove Candace
Anastasia Phillips Cheyenne
Samuel Vincent Coby
Kyla Pratt Constance
Troy Baker Colton
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Tara Strong Desiree
Sunday Muse Ella
Melissa Altro Fallon
Hynden Walch Giselle
Terry McGurrin Harrison
Greg Cipes Jack
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Andrea Libman Krystal
Ian Ronningen Rodney
Bruce Dow Max
Stacey DePass Nicole
Doron Bell Randy
Kristi Friday Scarlett
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
Steven Yeun Tanner
Christopher Jacot Topher
P.J. Byrnes Zachary


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