Be More Pacific
Season 3, Episode 90
First Aired (USA) January 12, 2013
Location Pacific Ocean
Challenge(s) Travel to Hawaii. Three part cruise ship challenge.
Winner(s) Beth
Eliminated Mel
Episode Guide
"Planes, Trains, And Hot Air Mobiles"
"The Aftermath X"


Following a great race due to a suspicious plane malfunction, the final four find themselves in Tijuana. One contestant tries to convince her ally to reform their mutual enemy. Said enemy undergoes a breakdown and begins to accidentally flirt with the remaining male. A substitute host gets fired and replaced by a familiar face. After a high jump, an eating contest, and a catwalk, a dejected antagonist is tricked by her new "friend" and finally eliminated.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Sarah Gadon Beth
Carla Collins Blaineley
Clé Bennett Chef
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Linda Cardellini Mel
James Wallis Scott


=== O-O-O SONG TIME === "Who You Gonna Root For?" === SONG TIME O-O-O === (The Hawaiin beat starts up. The stage lights up with shades of a Hawaiin sunset. The audience claps, cheers, and snaps pictures on their phones)

ALL: Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?! Is it Mel, Beth or Scott or.. will you pick COURTNEY!!!

Courtney: (The screen lowers behind Courtney. It shows various clips of her in Total Drama World Tour) I'm Courtney. Smart as can be! A leader born at heart! My looks ain't bad and I'm understanding. And my ACT scores off the charts! (The audience erupts in applause)

All: Who you gonna root for? Who should win the mill!? Is it Scott, Beth or Courtney, or is your vote for Mel!?

Mel: (she struts around the stage. Everyone starts booing) I'm Mel, i'm a bit of a diva, but loyal to the core! (Courtney rolls her eyes) I may have a reputation for making love sick puppies sore! (They continue booing her)

All: Who you gonna root for!? Will you tell us or NOT!? Is it Mel, Courtney or Beth, will you just pick Scott!?

Scott: I'm Scott. You already knew that. I hope you've watched this show! Ignore the fact I eat dirt, just vote for me to win the dough! (fangirls go wild. Everyone else tilts their heads in confusion)

All: Who you gonna root for!? Who gets the winning breath!? Is it Scott, Courtney or Mel, does victory go to Beth!?

Beth: (twirls in her princess gown. It's pink and flashy. Beth is wearing a bright pink flower in her hair. Pink suits her better than Mel) I'm Beth! It's nice to meet you.. if we haven't already met! I'm ready to go for the million! Someone please say "ready, set!"

ALL: Who you gonna root for!? Who's it gonna be?!!? (they all turn to Blaineley who is sitting in the front row) So please Blaineley, will you tell us, WHO'S IN THE FINAL THREE!!!!???


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